self esteem

Defining Ourselves

It is so hard not to define yourself from the perceptions of others. That old saying, “it doesn’t matter what other people think” is easier said than done. When it […]

Address Self Esteem Issues Early On

It is so important for parents to be keen observers of their children. All children go through different developmental stages and their behaviors and attitudes change. It’s a different situation […]

More On Self Esteem

Self-esteem is the feeling of being lovable and capable. It means that you have a positive impression of yourself and you have self-respect. Our self esteem is created from many […]

Older Brother Privileges

When my youngest child was born, my sons were five and nine. My daughter was around two years old and I was going to the grocery store with her and […]

Defining Ourselves

As much as we all know that it “doesn’t matter what other people think”, a lot of people still care very much about the perceptions of others. It is hard […]

Why Hygiene Is So Personal

Each parent has their own perspective on what they want to teach their child in terms of personal hygiene. Keep in mind that whatever you teach and model to your […]

Positive Self Talk

Self talk is the voice that is speaking inside of you. We have more control over that voice than one might think. Just like the saying, “look at the glass […]