self care

Letting Go

In my parent education class this week, I had the parents write down one thing they loved about themselves as a parent and one thing they did as a parent […]

Scheduling A Breakdown

I have often been asked in my parenting journey, “how do you do it?”. My answer is always the same; “I do it because I have to”. When you are […]

Learning To Compartmentalize

Parenting can get so overwhelming. Then factor in jobs outside the home and often times relationship issues, and the stress level can go through the roof. Learning to temporarily put […]

Err On The Side Of Safety

The cold and flu season will soon be upon us. It is such a tough time of year when viruses spread like wild fire. In a preschool environment, it can […]

Self Care For Parents

Parenting is just exhausting. It is a 24/7 job that can drain a person on every level. Parents need to take care of themselves so they can take care of […]