conscious parenting

More On Consistency

Never underestimate how important it is to be consistent as a parent. Consistency is the key to effective parenting across the board. It is such a challenge to be consistent, […]

Breaking Negative Patterns

Our own childhood and personal experiences affect our parenting in more ways than we might realize. Some parents want to recreate the childhood that they had and other parents want […]

Modeling To Teach

There is that old saying, “Do what I say, not what I do”. Basically it implies that you can be an effective teacher with words, even if your actions are […]

The Work Ethic Value

Whenever I ask parents what values they want to teach their children, it always brings up a lot for them. It is an excellent example of the concept of conscious […]

Letting Go

In my parent education class this week, I had the parents write down one thing they loved about themselves as a parent and one thing they did as a parent […]

Minimizing Overexposure

There are so many ways a child can get overexposed these days. Media, of course is a huge factor but there are many more. Any child that has an older […]

Out Of The Mouth Of Babes

Children do not have a filter like adults do. Inhibitions are learned so they often “call it as they see it”. Sometimes this can lead to a parent feeling extremely […]

Parental Time Out

All parents lose their cool at some point in their parenting journey. It is very typical and just all about balance. If you are losing your cool too much, you […]

Fourth of July Fun and Fear

Happy Fourth of July!! It is always wonderful to have a fun holiday weekend with family! Fourth of July, in particular, can sometimes scare young children. I remember one year […]

Have you ever really thought about the values that you want to teach your child? Have you and your partner ever had a discussion about this important family concept? Creating […]