Limit Setting

More On Consistency

Never underestimate how important it is to be consistent as a parent. Consistency is the key to effective parenting across the board. It is such a challenge to be consistent, […]

Cars, Safety And Children

There are so many things all over the news about children being left in cars. Most parents are very aware of this and know the dangers involved. There are other […]

Competition Between Parents

It is really easy to fall into the trap of feeling competitive with your partner or ex as a parent. It is very natural for children to go through phases […]

Blaming Parents

I just read a parenting article that stated that every inappropriate behavior exhibited by a child is the parents fault. I respectfully disagree with this information. There are so many […]

Bullying Within A  Relationship

Parenting is so hard on relationships. Starting from pregnancy, all the way through childbirth and then right into parenting day in and day out, there is stress on the partnership […]