Cultivating Inner Peace

*Inner peace is a state where the mind, heart and body are in balance. *Inner peace needs to be actively worked on. Mindful activities can be used to practice clearing […]

A Special Angel Named David

There is no greater pain than the loss of a child. Unfortunately, I know this very well from personal experience. Well, actually he was not my child. He was my […]

My sister is really my best friend in the whole world. She knows me like no one else ever will. We are both extremely busy people and it is so […]

Limits With Your Teen

Parenting teens is so challenging and if you do not already have a consistent limit setting structure defined within your family, it is really important to start working on this […]

The Teen Brain

This week I will focus my posts on the teen age set. This is a very unique and key developmental time period in one’s life. The teen brain is not […]

Fear Or A Phobia?

It is very typical for children to experience fear and anxiety as they grow and develop. Certain fears are very developmental in nature such as separation anxiety; which usually occurs […]