Positive Self Talk

Self talk is the voice that is speaking inside of you. We have more control over that voice than one might think. Just like the saying, “look at the glass […]

When Parents Make Mistakes

We all make mistakes in life. There is no such thing as a perfect person or a perfect parent. The way you handle making mistakes influences your child tremendously in […]

The Partnership Meeting

In my last blog post, I talked about the family meeting. Now I would like to discuss the partnership meeting. It is a short, regular meeting between parents to discuss […]

The Power Of The Family Meeting

Effective communication is at the core of every relationship. The family meeting is a process where all family members come together on a regular basis to address the issues within […]

Reducing Excessive Crying

It is very typical and expected for young children to cry. It is very instinctual communication and will usually diminish as expressive language develops. Crying is actually an important part […]

Playdate Politics

Play dates are an important part of our social emotional development. As young children, these experiences help us “practice” the art of being a friend. Parents have control over who […]

Sex Education: When and How?

It is overwhelming for many parents to think about teaching their child about their bodies and specifically, sex. Taking on these discussions and keeping them at a developmentally appropriate level […]