Texting Instead Of Talking

I remember when I first heard about texting. It felt so foreign and weird. Now it is one of the main forms of communication and an entire generation of children […]

Separating Our Own Issues

We all carry around emotional baggage. It is how we process it and manifest it behaviorally that is unique for all of us. When we become parents so much of our […]

Chilldren Teaching Parents

Children speak from the heart. They make me laugh and bring me so much joy in preschool every day. Children have such a great way of bringing you back to what […]

Natural And Logical Consequences

Following through with appropriate consequences is so important but that is different than punishment. What I mean, for example, is the concept of natural and logical consequences. Natural consequences are […]

Generosity Appreciation

I am having a fundraiser at my preschool in just one week. It has been planned for many months and the tension is building as the date approaches. It is […]

The Gift Of Partnership

Parenting is so hard on relationships. Having children and dealing with all of the intensity that it brings often disconnects partners. Finding your way back to your partner is quite […]