Child Development

Older Brother Privileges

When my youngest child was born, my sons were five and nine. My daughter was around two years old and I was going to the grocery store with her and […]

Chilldren Teaching Parents

Children speak from the heart.¬†They make me laugh and bring me so much joy in preschool every day. Children have such a great way of bringing you back to what […]

Visual Blogs

The internet is so amazing and the power it wields is massive. One of the many reasons I started writing a daily blog about parenting is how much I had […]

Selective Ignoring

Parenting is so exhausting. Parents definitely need to choose their battles because if they came down on their child for every little thing, they would have nothing but negativity. Some […]

Re-Surfacing Issues

Parenting never flat lines. It is always up and down. Just when you think you have a handle on a behavior or issue permanently, it rears its ugly head again. […]

Modeling To Teach

There is that old saying, “Do what I say, not what I do”. Basically it implies that you can be an effective teacher with words, even if your actions are […]

Creating An Effective Study Space

The demands on children are very high these days. Schoolwork is at a different level and the quantity of homework has increased tremendously. Learning good study skills are so important. […]

Know Your Child's Learning Style

We all learn differently. We all have different ways of processing information and translating that information into real life knowledge. Some people are auditory learners. They need to hear the […]