Most People Are Good

most-people-on-earth-are-goodThere’s so much press about everything wrong in this world. To read the newspaper you have to navigate through details of murders, carjackings, rapes, genocides and a myriad of other horrible atrocities .

It is hard not to get disillusioned with the world and the people in it.
I really believe though that most people in this world are good, honest and caring people.
I believe that most people would do everything they can to help a stranger just in the name of human to human concern.

On a recent trip back east with my ailing mother, I was so touched by the magnitude of people who offered to help and provided assistance. They cared just because they saw the struggle of someone else.

It restored my faith and belief in the people on this earth.
If everyone could just do one kind act for another human being, think about the way the world could be changed.

If every parent could teach their child the core value that we are all human beings and we all deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.
Talk to your children about their ability to decide what kind of human being on earth they want to be. It’s a choice.

Choose to be kind and caring. Choose to look out of the lens of love. Choose to teach that perspective to your children. Choose to let love win. This is truly the way to change the world.

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