Surrendering To Differences

surrender-to-love-txtWe are all unique beings on this earth.

Even in the case of identical twins, there are differences. So many different factors go into what makes up who we are; temperament, environment, parenting, exposure and so much more.

A key challenge in parenting is coming to terms with the innate differences between oneself and one’s child.

It sounds simple to understand but in the intricate, complex relationship between parents and children, it can be an extreme challenge.

In working with parents, I often see parents try to create their child into who they think they should be. They blur the line between parenting a child and honoring a human being.

My sons were so different from me on every level. I was a girlie girl and they were testerone filled people who reveled in the sounds of bodily functions. I just didn’t get it.

As they got older, I began to understand more about the acceptance of our differences on a global level.

My children are all adults now. My daughter just turned 18 a few weeks ago. I am so glad that I learned to not only be okay with our innate differences but to embrace them.

Im glad I had her when I knew better than to force her to do the things I felt were important. She had to find her truth and it is a positive thing that it is different than mine.

Surrender to being different from your children. Love them fiercely for who they are and do not try to put them in the box of who you think they should be.

To love them for who they are will be the greatest gift you can ever give your child. It will also bring you to the closest level of intimacy wthin the relationship.

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