A Holiday Memory Of Kindness

Aesop-BFFF-QuoteAbout 10 years ago, things were really tough in my life. I was in the midst of a nasty divorce fighting for the custody of my children and I was barely making enough money for all of us to survive.
Having to put Christmas on for three children without a dime to my name was such a challenge for me. I would literally lay in my bed at night and wrack my brain on how I could provide gifts to my children. I didn’t want them to know the dire straits that we were in because I wanted to protect their innocence and allow them to be children during the holidays.
When I went to look for a Christmas tree, I went to a a local lot very close to our home.
My children were running up and down the aisles squealing with delight when I glanced at the price tags. All of the Christmas trees were over $50. I had $25 cash and that was all I had for a tree. (This was 10 years ago!)
A very nice man came over to help us and without me saying a word, I could feel that he understood my situation.
I was trying to gently talk my children into the small cute tree but of course they wanted the big grand one.
All of a sudden the man pulled me aside and whispered in my ear I’m going to give you the biggest tree for $20.
Tears started flowing down my cheeks and he even wiped my tears.
“It’s okay. I’ve been there myself. Merry Christmas” he said.
He loaded the tree on top of my car and I gave him a hug and squeezed him tight.
I will never forget this angel on earth and the gift he gave me that day. I wish he knew the gratitude that I still feel. I wish he knew the difference he made in my life.
I pay it forward the best I can and I hope that karma brings many wonderful things to this man and his loved ones. He opened his heart and in turn, filled mine. He taught me so much that day.
Thank you my sweet angel!! I will never, ever forget you and your wonderful gift of love.

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