Take Someone Under Your Wing

even-the-smallest-act-of-caring-for-another-person-is-like-a-drop-of-water-it-will-make-ripples-throughout-the-entire-pond-love-quoteWhile the holidays are a festive and happy time for some people, for many people they are a time of heightened sadness and loneliness.

It is so hard to escape it because the holiday season is everywhere we look for about 6-8 weeks every year, sometimes even longer.

People who have suffered a loss feel it even more intensely at the holidays.
I talk to so many people and I hear the pain that surrounds this time of year.
Some people suffer so intensely I can see the pain in every breath they take. It is truly heartbreaking to witness.

I take a few of them under my wing. That is what I call it when I go out of my way to try to be there for someone so they can feel truly supported. I talk to them, I check in on them, and I let them know that they are not alone.
Sometimes it gets crowded under my wing!

It is OK though because when the storm passes and they are able to stand a little stronger, I am glad that I could offer that emotional shelter for them.

My theory is this, if everyone just took one person who is emotionally fragile under their wing, the world would be a better place.

Especially right now when the holidays are so glaringly ahead of us. Look around if you can and see if there is someone in your circle who might need you. It can truly make a difference for them that is so profound you might not even be able to realize.

The modeling that you will do for your children is so priceless. It shows them how to support someone fully and helps build their empathy for the world around them.
It is a priceless life gift.

image from: http://www.thedynamicturnaround.com/even-the-smallest-act-of-caring-for-another-person-is-like-a-drop-of-water-it-will-make-ripples-throughout-the-entire-pond-love-quote.jpg

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