Do What You Love – Love What You Do

do-what-you-loveWhen it comes to adults and their professional lives, it is so important for personal satisfaction to be prioritized.

Many people do not “choose” what they do, they instead get into careers for other reasons such as financial necessity, timing, connections, family business, or other factors.

Sometimes people get a degree in something that they later discover they do not enjoy doing.

Starting families, professional burn out, the list of reasons why people do what they do is endless.

What about you? Do you feel satisfied with what you do professionally?

The way to do it is to figure out a way to do what you truly love to do in some sort of professional arena. It certainly is easier said than done!

I have recently made adjustments to what I do professionally. I used to be a full-time teacher in addition to meeting with families individually, teaching parenting workshops, writing a parenting blog and oh so much more.

Now I do not teach full time. I still teach but instead I teach only the classes that I have developed; I teach only my life work. The classes come from the deepest depths of my soul, as dramatic as that sounds.
I have increased my one-on-one work with families tenfold. It feels so good to be available to people when they really need me the most.

The work is profound and the satisfaction is deep. I have thoroughly enjoyed my 20 years of teaching in a school district but I have always known that I was a cog in a big machine.

The political nature of literally every aspect of the job took a toll. The lack of true autonomy to do my work the way I knew it needed to be done was emotionally exhausting and disempowering.

Here’s the interesting part…I still work long hours and have intense days but the feeling I have in the morning when that alarm clock goes off is completely different.

It has taken me until my mid fifties to finally do what I probably should have done many years ago.

If you aren’t happy, if you have had that burning feeling inside of you to make a change, do it!

Model to your kids that it’s never too late.
Life is short, be happy.

Claim your power. Do what you love and love what you do!

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  2. Looking forward to seeing you saturday Bev….I love the harrogate show even if my bank manager doesnt!!! have been impatient to get the LOTV release but made myself wait till till sat!!! how good is that love the card but then I love everything you do!!!!! hugs Margaret


  3. Hey, there are a couple guys from our youth group going to Canyon City, CO this month. Maybe they could pick up your notebooks for you if someone could connect them? (Nothing like volunteering someone else but I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t mind to do it)


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