Managing Panic Attacks

panic_attack (1)Panic attacks are true and real. Some people suffer from them tremendously and some people never have one in their life.

Many factors contribute to how a person handles stress in their life. Anxiety is within all of us but for some, it is so extreme it is debilitating.

People can manifest panic attacks in many different ways but there are many symptoms that are common. Shortness of breath, which can quickly lead to gasping, along with a racing heart and true chest pain are hallmark characteristics. Uncontrollable shaking and trembling along with intense sweating are also very typical symptoms. Sometimes nausea can even lead a person to extreme vomiting during a panic attack.

It certainly isn’t a positive thing to experience and for many it affects the quality of life on a daily basis.

Recognizing and getting the proper support for any anxiety issues that affect your life is so is important for you and important for those in your life.
Learning how to self regulate or “talk yourself down” can be an important tool and make all the difference.

It’s hard on a person to experience intense anxiety but it’s even worse when every person in their life is negatively affected and the person refuses to address the issue.

Even young children can have panic attacks and parents can help tremendously by offering support and information. Teaching children self regulation skills can change the way they handle stress throughout their entire life.

As I mentioned, everyone has some anxiety in their life. Life can get very intense and that is normal. If you are on the extreme end of the continuum though, take a moment to reflect upon how your anxiety affects the ones you love. If you have a child with anxiety, make sure that you address it thoroughly and appropriately. Some anxiety is developmental in nature but anxiety that affects the quality of daily life needs attention.

It’s the best thing you can do for you and your family.

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