Presenting Ourselves To The World

headerThere is an old saying, “when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you look good” and it is something to think about.

I am definitely a believer in personal appearance. I am not talking about beauty here, I am talking about how a person presents themselves to the world.

I am talking about taking the time to put on clean, fresh clothes every day and to put yourself out there in the way you want to be perceived.

There is so much to be said for first impressions. Let’s start with the professional arena. There is definitely a link between how you present yourself on a professional level and the opportunities that are presented to you.

It is fascinating to watch these studies where people are treated differently when they have different appearances. One “hot”, skinny woman wore a fat suit and she came out of it crying hysterically. She realized how different life would be if she in fact, looked like the fat suit.

When it comes to children, they learn so much for us. They often learn more from the unspoken cues that we give to them than our verbal messages. They learn self care from us, their parents.

Not to slam my parents but as a child, this was not taught to me or prioritized in our family.I would run around dirty and unkempt and it was “cute”. It really wasn’t very cute though and more importantly, it affected my self esteem.

There are so many levels to this issue. Caring for yourself and taking the time to be clean and presentable teaches your child that they deserve to be that way too.

In my years as a teacher, I would literally see dirt on a child on a Monday that would still be there on Friday. I would often help these little ones, “clean up” if they asked me to.

It is all about finding that balance in your own life. Time is short and over obsessing about appearance is not the goal. It is about learning how to fit the habit of caring for yourself into your daily routine,

Learning how to care for yourself, your body and your soul is at the core.

Think about it. What are you teaching your children by the way you present yourself to the world?
If you want your child to care for themselves and present themselves to the world appropriately, you must do so yourself.

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  1. Instagram — Living through a snap shot. A new way that we are capable of presenting ourselves to the world. By only allowing for certain information to be shared we can recreate ourselves in a new way. Based exclusively on photographs instagram becomes a very visual way to morph ourselves and the world around us into something different from reality.


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