Handling Emergencies

24584918_BG1It is very interesting to me that in my professional life I am as cool as a cucumber during any type of emergency.

In my private life though, I do not handle it as well.

I guess during a professional emergency, I feel the weight of that responsibility on my shoulders and know I need to model how to handle it.

Last weekend I had a girlfriend over my house visiting with her eight-year-old daughter. We were chatting and her daughter was watching a television show.

I was going out that evening so my friend came into my room to hang out while I was starting to get ready.

All of a sudden I heard a thud so I called out her name. When she didn’t answer I walked out of my bathroom and into my bedroom.

She had fainted and hit her head and she was on the floor, out for a minute with blood trickling down her forehead.

I freaked out and started calling her name. She came to rather quickly and as I helped her up she became sick and started to vomit.

It was so scary…I had to take her to the emergency room. Luckily my daughter was home so she could take care of her eight-year-old daughter while we left for the hospital.

Turns out the reason she fainted was she hadn’t eaten much that day, we had been sitting out in the sun and somehow her blood pressure dropped and that’s what caused her to faint.

After it was all said and done, I had to really evaluate my actions during this personal emergency.

I did okay but it really made me think about trying to come to a happy medium between my professional reactions and my personal reactions.

It is amazing how somehow my brain can compartmentalize my hysteria during a professional emergency but not during a personal one.

I am going to work on coming to a happy medium in terms of my reactions. Pro-acting is always better than just reacting.

How do you handle an emergency? Are you CPR trained? Do you have the number of the poison control center by your phone?

Be proactive and set yourself up for success so in the event that there is an emergency, you will be able to handle it calmly and appropriately.

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