Fear Of Change

change_fear-scaled500So many of us are fearful of change. The unknown can create intense anxiety for adults and children alike.

Regardless of the reasons for change, the anticipatory anxiety before the actual change can sometimes be worse than the anxiety during the change itself.

For example, even if a family is happy to move and excited about the adventures ahead of them, they can still feel intense anxiety before their actual move date.

This is normal.

It’s only a problem if change brings such intense anxiety that a person shuts down and is unable to move forward. It is a problem if the anticipatory anxiety creates such a flood of cortisol, the stress hormone, that the person suffers an emotional setback as opposed to moving towards growth.

I see this so much throughout my work.

I have also experienced it myself personally.

It is so hard to find that balance between taking risks so we can experience life fully and going overboard and risking too much.

Do not be afraid of change.

As with anything else, even if it feels negative it will most likely lead to a positive.

Remember that growth comes from change.

Keep in mind that regrets can sometimes eat away at a person more than any negative effects of change.

Personal empowerment comes from growth.

It is so important to model the ability to flex with change to our children.

Remember that your children learn so much from what you do.

Through modeling and teaching that change is an integral part of life, you are building a rock solid emotional foundation for your child for life.

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