Balancing Parenting With Professional Risks

0f2134dBefore children, it can be much easier for people to take risks in their life on many different levels.

Professionally, they can really put themselves out there and focus on their career aspirations.

Personally, they can prioritize their own needs. People without children can take risks in terms of the kind of relationships they engage in and in how they conduct themselves without worrying about the effect of their behavior on anyone else.

When we become parents though, it can feel like we have to give up huge chunks of ourselves.

As our children get older, we hope to get those big pieces of ourselves back. When we do, it is up to us to rebuild ourselves, with these new, wiser pieces.

As with anything else in life, timing is everything.

Many parents struggle with guilt due to their desires for professional growth.

Each person has to find that personal balance in their life.

It really is possible to be the parent that you want to be and yet make decisions, and yes take risks, that could advance your professional goals.

It is okay to grow and evolve in areas of your life that are not related to parenting.Risks are definitely a part of life and we often have to take risks to get ahead.

By practicing conscious parenting, you can proact and make decisions that honor you and your children.Do some soul-searching and find the balance that’s right for you.

When you are deciding whether to take a risk, think about what you would need to make that risk worthwhile.

Always take a step back and look at the big picture of life. If you are making these decisions to better improve the quality of your life overall, sometimes it really is okay to make that decision when your children are younger than you want them to be.

No one lives your reality but you.

Life is short and you have to be happy. It is okay to have your needs met while you are meeting the needs of your children.

Life isn’t “safe”. Risks are a part of life.
You must put yourself out there to create opportunities. It is just about finding that perfect balance for you.

Your children will get to a point in their life where they have to take risks too.

Model effective decision-making. Model prioritizing yourself. Model looking ahead and making decisions that will set you up for success later in your life.

Balance all of that with your needs as a parent and you will not go down the wrong road. Take a risk, you’re worth it!

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