Little Pleasures

Woman relaxes in a marble tiled bath tub.We all know that old saying, “It is the little things in life”.

It really is true and especially if you are in the throes of parenting.

Parenting is such an exhausting 24/7 job. There is no end time; there are just mini breaks along the way, if you are lucky!

What I have learned from myself is that it really is the little things in life.

When my kids were little and every moment of each day was intense and overwhelming, I developed ways to increase my self care, even when there didn’t seem to be one extra moment in the day.

I bought myself lavender bath beads and would treat myself to a warm, scented bath.

I put my own pajamas in the dryer to warm up before I put them on.

For years, I used to put my kids pajamas in the dryer to make them toasty warm to put on each night. One day, my own pajamas just happened to be in the dryer.

WOW! Why haven’t I done this for myself? So I started to do it for me too and it made a big difference.

I would treat myself to an occasional People magazine, just something to space out on and enjoy looking through. It felt so nice to just lay down and read something light.

I bought myself little treats, a yummy candy treat or a nice rich bottle of wine treat. Just hear and there, but enough so I felt like at the end of my hard work, there was something just for me.

I scheduled breaks, girl time and alone time, even though it was absolutely exhausting to schedule it and make it happen.

I took the time though and it was worth it.

Find the little pleasures that make you happy. Indulge yourself here and there. Life is short and you have to be happy.

You deserve it.

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