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i-love-myself-buttonSelf-esteem is the feeling of being lovable and capable.
It means that you have a positive impression of yourself and you have self-respect.

Our self esteem is created from many different factors and is very unique to each person.

Parents can make a big difference in the development of their child’s self esteem.
The number one thing that they can do is to model having good self-esteem themselves.

So many parents do not even realize the subliminal messages that they might give their child through their own behavior.

If you are always making degrading comments about yourself, it will affect your child.

Innate temperament is also a big factor.
Some of us are more innately sensitive; some of us feel things on a different leve;l some of us care more about different things in this world; it’s okay that we are different.

Certain experiences that happen in our childhood also have long-term consequences.
We internalize someone else’s perception of us or we engage in some behavior, for whatever reason, that makes us feel really bad about ourselves.

These are just some of the reasons that people can develop low self-esteem
People can make the wrong decisions in life when they feel bad about themselves and do not believe that they are worthy.

Self-esteem is not something that we can just fix overnight.

We can make changes though with the right support.
We can change the glasses that we are wearing to see ourselves in the world.

We can learn to accept who we are on a deeper level and care less about our outer shell.

We can only surround ourselves with people who love and support us for who we are and not let the others invade our thinking.

We know who we are in this world; we know what kind of human being we want to be; we know what we do for others; let that define you, not someone else’s misperceptions.

Make a proactive decision to love yourself more and only good things will come from this life-changing decision.

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