Another Self Regulation Tool – Expectations

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01It can actually be easy to inadvertently set ourselves up to be angry a lot of the time.

Children really are very young and sometimes we have expectations that are just not appropriate for their chronological or developmental age.

Each child so different and sometimes we forget the most important aspect of parenting – teaching.

We have to spell things out to our children about exactly what we expect. A great example of this is parents telling their children to clean their room.

What does the statement clean your room really mean?

We could line up 10 parents and ask them the same question and all of them would answer it differently.
It would be the same thing if we lined up 10 children and asked them the question too.

A parent should speak in specifics,  “I need you to pick up your clothes and put them in the hamper and then take any dishes you find in your room and put them in the sink.”

It is very specific and allows the child to actually fully understand and complete the task.

This self regulations tool works in every arena of your life.
At work make sure that your expectations are in line so you are not set up to be dysregulated.
Within your partnerships make sure that you communicate on a level so that you really do have realistic expectations of your partner.

Appropriate expectations can be the foundation of happiness for life. That may sound dramatic but it really can change your life profoundly. Make a point to pay attention to your expectations of others and it will positively change all of the important relationships in your life.

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