Children Throwing Parents Under The Bus

What-Kids-Say-About-Parents-Private-PartsChildren are hilarious and have no filter.

Working with young children, I often have children tell me things that I know their parents would not appreciate me knowing.

I always take things with a grain of salt just as I would hope that someone would do for me when my children were young and threw me under the bus!

I was talking about self care with the children at school the other day. We were talking about brushing our teeth, covering our mouths when we cough and then I mentioned washing our hands after we go to the potty.

A little girl hollered out, “my daddy doesn’t wash his hands!”

Omg, all of the parents cracked up!!

Another day, I had a parent walk up to me very flustered.

When I asked what was the matter, she told me that a child just said to her, “My mommy doesn’t like you”.

Wow, out of the mouths of babes.

Be careful what you do and say. Children learn from watching us and how we conduct ourselves in this world.

We are all human and slip, believe me but just be aware.

For me, it is just another reason I love children.

They are so pure and so innocent and they just do not have the learned skill of inhibition yet.

On the flip side of children throwing parents under the bus, it is so precious to me how children will express love without hesitation.

Children speak from the heart, whether it is positive or negative.

Understanding this will help you deal with any potential embarassment during the journey!

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