Innate Kindness

7141301_f520It is fascinating to watch the natural development of empathy in children.

Everyone has their own developmental timetable so chronological age varies greatly.

I find it so endearing to watch a young child truly care about another child.

One day at school last year, there were a lot of children absent due to a nasty cold bug going around.

I usually have 3 tables filled with children eating at snack time every day.

This day, just as a fluke, all the children went to 2 tables and only one child went to another table.

Before I could even suggest that he move, he burst into gut wrenching sobs.

The entire room stopped. He was crying and screaming that he was so alone and wanted to sit next to someone.

A little boy across the jumped leaped up, grabbed his food and ran to the crying little boy.

He gave him a hug and then sat right next to him.

The crying stops. Soon they were giggling together.

It touched me so deeply. That was heartfelt compassion from within that we all witnessed that day.

I quickly cut out a crown and put some glitter words on it.

At the end of the day, I announced that one child had earned a kindness award. I explained why and then called the child up to the front of the group.

I put the crown on his head and the children spontaneously applauded him.

It was a beautiful sight and one I will always remember.

It was a day at preschool where the children learned a very valuable lesson about life.

The most important thing in life is our relationships.

Talk to your children about this. Let them know that it is critically important to treat people like how they want to be treated.

If every parent did that, the world would be filled with a lot more compassion and empathy.

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