Children And Anxiety

anxiousEveryone deals with some level of anxiety; adults and children alike.

Some of us though are plagued with high levels of it and it affects every arena of our life.

It is all a continuum and there are many factors at play here. Temperament, genetics, environment are just a few things that contribute to how one processes stress.

Life is stressful. Let’s face it; it is true!

I see children dealing with stress in my preschool every day. Each one with a different twist; a different level of recognition, processing and re-regulating.

I have had children who are truly anxious at every moment. It can be heart wrenching to watch.

If a child shows high levels of emotional dysregulation and stress, it is important for a parent to reach out for help if necessary.

I guess that is the key word in that last sentence….necessary.

How is a parent to know? What is too much?

Staying connected to your child is critically important. Keep communication flowing.

Have family meetings to provide a forum for every member of the family to express their thoughts and feelings. It also builds a sense of togetherness and we are one attitude.

It helps build up a child so they are better able to cope with stress.

Always err on the side of safety. If you are thinking about it and wondering, it can’t hurt to investigate further.

Let unconditional love be the foundation of your family.

There is help and support out there and it is all about quality of life. Conscious parenting heightens our level of awareness and so following our instincts always leads us in the right direction.

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