Child Spacing – Anything Goes

1960s-pre-teen-boy-sitting-in-armchair-holding-infant-newborn-baby-siblingWhat is really the “best” spacing between children?

One year? Two? Three? Five? Ten??

Interestingly enough, some developmental “experts” (and I use that term very loosely) state that for the easiest transition between siblings, under 18 months apart or over 3 years apart seem to work the best,

I must make the point again though, that is just for supposedly the ease of transition.

Here is what the real info is…..any age spread works. Any age spread has its positives and negatives. There is absolutely no perfect time or wrong time to introduce a new sibling.

Many parents are sensitive to being asked about future children.

Our society can be funny like that. I remember when I was young and dating my soon to be husband.

First everyone asked me if we would live together. Then we did.

Then everyone asked me when we were going to get married. Then we did.

Then everyone asked me when we were going to have a child. Then we did. It just kept going! Wow!

Live for you and your timetable; not the timetable of the world.

Do not feel the need to defend, justify or explain your decisions about your family, or anything else for that matter.

When it comes to your children, parent each one of them uniquely, no matter how many children you have or far apart in age.

Learning to tune out the buzz of the world when necessary, allows us to focus on what is truly right for us.

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