Fine Tuning Personal Boundaries

No moreParenting forces us to reevaluate our own personal boundaries. All of a sudden our priorities have completely changed.

Even if we are people pleasers we just can’t do it all anymore. This can be so hard on us emotionally as we learn that it is okay to say what used to work, just doesn’t anymore.

It is okay to say no and sometimes a person has never really done that before. They might learn the lesson the hard way by saying yes to things that cause them to tip right over on overload.


As our children move through the different developmental stages their needs change. A balance needs to be created between the needs of the parent and the child.

This happens at different times for different families, so it is up to each parent to learn how to recognize these transition cues.

Parents really need to let go of the guilt though. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, guilt is the number one barrier to effective parenting across the board.

Know your limits. Create clear boundaries and communicate directly.

If you do this, not only will you learn to take on only what is manageable for you but it will model this important element of self care to your children.

People who create realistic personal boundaries in their lives will set themselves up for success on every level. Give this gift to your children.

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