Teaching Children How To Handle People Without Boundaries

boundaries-1We have all encountered people in our life who have no personal boundaries.

Even as adults we struggle how to handle it. Developing these skills and then teaching them to your children will make a huge difference in their life.

The most important thing is to always be an advocate for yourself and to teach your child how to be an advocate for themselves.

You have to be very specific in your teaching. Give your children scripted language. Remember scripted language eventually becomes free flowing language.

“Johnny please stop or Johnny I do not like that”

Have your child practice saying that as if you are Johnny. This is teaching through role play.

The next step is teaching your child specifically how to get help from an adult when these kind of situations arise if their words do not work.

Giving them phrases like, “Mrs Jones, Johnny said blah blah to me and I’m really uncomfortable with it. Can you help me?”

It let’s them learn exactly how to go through the steps.

Choosing not to participate is also critical to teach. Sometimes there is just an unhealthy dynamic between kids and if your child understands how to recognize an unhealthy relationship, it will help eliminate the issue from all angles.

Teaching our children by modeling and specific verbal guidance allows them a greater chance of adopting the skills in their everyday life.

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