Advocacy For Yourself

tumblr_lerpb7Acso1qaobbko1_500It is amazing how quickly we are to jump up and be an advocate for our kids. Most parents will throw their bodies in front of a moving train to protect their children.

For ourselves though, sometimes we are not as quickly to jump.

I used to be like that. Before I had kids, if I had to wait 2 hours in a doctors office I didn’t speak up or consider changing doctors. I didn’t want anyone to be “mad” at me and I didn’t want to put myself out there enough to make change. Then all of a sudden, I became a mother and I remember the exact moment when the realization occurred to me that I needed to find my voice for my child!

It was hard at first but then I almost became too good at it and I am serious. I was the first one to make sure that my children were not wronged in any way.

With myself though, it took much longer. It is all about personal boundaries. I am so much better now that I used to be but I would be lying if I said I still didn’t struggle with it in some areas still.

Are you an advocate for yourself? Do you know how to calmly and concisely share your feelings so that your needs are addressed but you are not offensive or over the line?

These are important life skills for ourselves. We cannot possibly teach our children to be advocates for themselves if we do not model that behavior to them.

Think about your level of advocacy and make adjustment if necessary. It will be an important step in personal growth and evolution.

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