Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

HappinessDSSSFMIt is January 2015 and the new year is here. People always decide to make all sorts of resolutions at the new year. They are going to lose weight, give up sugar and alcohol and keep their house spit shined. Usually by the end of the month, all of those resolutions go out the window. I could write a whole different post just on that. It would be about making those kind of resolutions all throughout the year but I am not going to go there. I am instead going to talk about one change everyone could make at this time of year that could truly change the world. I know that sounds all dramatic but it is true. Everyone could let go of all the small crap that we can find ourselves a part of it in our everyday lives. We can let go of the small annoyances and just take a deep breath. We could put on a different set of glasses each day that gives us a more clear picture of the world. The glasses would keep everything in perspective for us. I know I have wasted days of my life worrying about little things that really do not mean much in the big picture of life. I have cried, I have felt sad and have walked around with a heavy heart over things that did not deserve that much of my psyche. It is so hard in the midst of stressful times to shut that off though. It is so tough to know that there will be a time when it won’t matter at all. It takes conscious mental energy to rewind the tape and play it back with a different twist. I used to worry about all sorts of things. Most of it never really mattered, instead it had more to do with my insecurities and the work I needed to do on myself. Once I did that work and evolved emotionally, I was able to let go of all of that. It takes time. It is one fringe benny of getting older. The wisdom is amazing. You don’t have to wait though. You can make the decision now to improve the quality of your life. Let go of the small stuff. Try not to react to the little stuff. Keep things in perspective. Focus on what is important. Instead of making countless resolutions for the new year, make the decision to focus only on what is truly important. It will increase your day to day happiness and truly improve the overall quality of your life as well. image from:

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