Age Is Just A Number

bday cakePeople age is very unique ways. It is fascinating to me that two people at the same chronological age can be in such different places in life.

I even see it in the preschool set. One four year old child can be light years away from another four year old child, developmentally speaking.

We all are who we are but there are definitely factors that can change the way we age, both physically and emotionally.

The obvious areas are nutrition, sleep, exercise but there are other specific areas that make a difference.

Continuing to learn is a big one. Keeping that mind active. Staying up on the latest changes.

Having children nowadays is so different than from before. Kids are exposed to so much technology and often have so much more knowledge about technology that it leaves parents with a disadvantage. Educate yourself if you want to stay one step ahead.

Do not put your head in the sand as a parent. Believe me, it is easy to fall into that trap. It is so important though to take on the tough areas of parenting. Yes kids grow up and need information and guidance about the opposite sexm their changing bodies and of course, so much more.

They are either going to have that conversation with you or with someone else, and that is the truth. Make it be you. Be careful of your reactions. Over react and your child will learn not to share information with you.

Stay connected with your child. It sounds so basic but as your child gets older, especially when they hit the teen years, they often lean to their peers for guidance. There becomes a disconnect. Be aware of that and be proactive. Do not let it happen.

If you choose to stay young inside of yourself, it will help keep you happy and it will also allow you to develop a deep and rewarding friendship with your child as they grow into an adult. You can be their parent and at the same time, enjoy them as a human being. it is just important to know that line.

So if you want to be 29 forever (haha), keep yourself living to the fullest and know that age truly is just a number. Some of my youngest friends are the ones that are the oldest chronologically.

Keep living, keep laughing and keep connected and your golden years will be golden by the sunshine that you feel on your heart.

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