The Importance Of Acknowledgement

handwritten-thank-youThe holidays are winding down and things are slowly returning to the normal routine. There are a lot of new presents for adults and children alike.

The task of acknowledging all of the gifts is ahead. The old fashioned hand written thank you note almost seems like a thing of the past. Nowadays, many people send a quick text or email and voila, the thank you note is handled.

Is it the same though? Not exactly and of course the hand written note is the best but in today’s busy, crazy world, an email is absolutely fine.

When my kids were very small, I would out their hand print or footprint on a hand written note. It meant a lot to people.

When my children got a gift, my rule was that they couldn’t use it (or spend it in the case of money gifts) until the gift had been acknowledged.

It was a family value I wanted to teach.

I was never taught to acknowledge gifts. I did not even know that was the thing to do. When I grew up, I had a few relatives tell me that they resented that my brother, sister and I never acknowledged any gifts when we were children. It made me feel sad. It made me wish my parents had made me aware of the importance of acknowledgement. It made me think about the values I wanted to teach my children.

What about you? Have you made a point to thank and/or acknowledge the people who lavished you with gifts? Do your children know that this is the polite thing to do?

Acknowledgement feels good and makes people want to give even more.

Acknowledge others in your life even when it has nothing to do with receiving gifts. Acknowledge thoughtful words or actions that mean something to you. Make a point to let people know that you notice.

Words truly can fill a soul and can bring relationships to another level. Acknowledge those around you and teach your children the importance of acknowledgement and it will lead to deeper and more enriching connections for life.

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