Focus On The Love

self-loveIt is the day before Christmas and people are running around trying to get everything done.

I remember when my kids were small, I wanted everything to be just perfect. I wanted there to be abundance. I wanted them to run down the stairs and be shocked at all the presents that “Santa” had left under the tree.

So one Christmas Eve day I frantically ran to the store and just started buying stuff. I saw a dartboard without pointy sharp darts and I thought it would be the perfect game for my boys.

I added it to the cart along with many other things and off I went back home to wrap up the new stuff.

Christmas morning came and there were so many extraneous presents that the kids actually stopped opening gifts. They wanted to play with the things they really wanted.

The dartboard game got opened but never used. Darts were everywhere in the house and it was just a mess.

That game became symbolic in our family. We talked about it after that holiday. No more focusing on quantity in terms of gift giving. It was going to be all about meaningful gifts. Gifts from the heart. The focus was going to be on love.

Think about your own family. Try not to get caught up in the quantity mind set. Think about what you want to teach in terms of the gifts you give.

I am really different now. I buy things for my children that I know will mean something to them. I take into account their different age and stage and buy them what they really want and need, not what I want to buy them.

It has created a nice shift. No more darts floating around every room of my house, no more running out to stores the night before; there is more peace in the air.

Focus on the love and it will always lead you to the right place.

I hope everyone has a beautiful holiday filled with love.

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