Alone Versus Loneliness

lonelyThere is a big difference between being alone and feeling lonely.

Sometimes a person can be in a huge crowd of people but yet feel incredibly lonely. A person can also feel very lonely within a relationship, even though they are perceived by the world as a twosome or a couple; therefore not alone.

It is so important for a person to evaluate themselves in terms of loneliness. Do you feel lonely in your relationship or relationships?

Are you able to be alone and be happy? Or do you feel incredibly uncomfortable when you are by yourself?

I have had many adults share with me the discomfort they feel when they are alone. I have also had people sob to me from the depths of their souls how hollow and empty they feel in their interpersonal relationships.

Evaluating this aspect of your life will actually open up the door to other issues that might need to be resolved.

If you are not able to be alone and feel comfortable, ask yourself why. Look behind your emotions. What is driving that discomfort? We all need to be at peace with ourselves on many levels and sometimes we do not know how to find this peace.

When we look to others to fill us up, instead of finding our truth within ourselves, we hand over a huge piece of our personal power. We want to empower ourselves, not dis-empower and this is truly at the core of our sense of self.

As far as loneliness within a relationship, this is so important to address. The connection between people is what creates the foundation of our lives; so therefore that connection should be prioritized.

Parenting is so hard on relationships and often breaks down that intimate connection. It is up to parents to work on it and recreate it. Remember when you first met your partner and the intimacy you initially had. How much of that intimacy still lives in your current day relationship?

Communication is at the core of every effective relationship. Share with your partner your thoughts and feelings, making a point to speak in the first person. It will be the first step in re-establishing that feeling of connected-ness.

Take a moment in your life to think about how you feel about being alone and how lonely you feel internally. Make change if needed. This conscious decision to prioritize connections will increase your feelings of life happiness more than you can imagine.

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