Anytime Resolutions

Fireworks-1The new year always seems like the best time to start fresh. New Year’s resolutions could change your life.

Deciding to make a change can come at any time though. Sometimes we fall into behavioral patterns and we engage in behaviors that we don’t even want to engage in. We are just used to engaging in them. We need to break the cycle. We need to make change.

Sometimes we are not aware of something we are doing until someone points it out to us. At first, we are angry and in denial and then we begin to process the information on a different level.

We see ourselves from the perceptions of someone else and we do not necessarily like what we see.

Parenting of all areas in your life is such a typical area to get into a behavioral rut.

At any day of of any year, you can decide that from that moment forward, you will do something differently.

I have decided to make change about things during everyday interactions in life. For example, I used to get so caught up in introductions when I met people that I would never pay attention to their name. I would fumble and feel awkward as more time would go by and the relationship began to develop.

Now I take a moment, any time I meet someone, and I say their name. It helps to reinforce the information for me. I changed a pattern of behavior because I wanted to change it. This is just one example.

At any time, you can decide to change something about the way you and another person interact. When you know that change is an integral part of everyday life, it opens the door to even more personal growth. It allows you to evolve to a deeper level. It is a conscious decision. Keep in this in the forefront of your mind as your child grows and it will set the stage for a deeper relationship with your child.

Yes please make New Years resolutions if you would like, but decide to make any time resolutions all year long as well. It will allow all of those resolutions to become reality!

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