Sister Love

me and LeslieMy sister is really my best friend in the whole world. She knows me like no one else ever will.

We are both extremely busy people and it is so hard to find time to stay connected.

So quite a few months ago, we put a date on the calendar to have an overnight together. Just us in a hotel room to visit, talk and share our deepest feelings.

Well this past weekend, we finally got to spend that day and night together.

We talked about deep topics, we talked about light topics, we laughed about old times, we cried together and we shared a day that is hard to describe in words.

It was a soul filling 24 hours. It flew by so fast, it was almost surreal. We talked until we couldn’t keep our eyes open and then we had just a short time in the morning. We could have kept talking and sharing for days. I wasn’t ready for our time to end.

I have been basking in the love I have for my sister ever since we said goodbye in that parking lot. Do not get me wrong, I always love my sister but this is different. I feel filled with that love in a way that makes me cry. She knows my soul and I know hers. We share a past that only we really know and understand. That past is a huge piece of who we are in this world today.

Our relationships are the most golden, precious gifts we have in this world. When we are all old and sitting in that rocking chair in the old folks home, it won’t matter if you had the leather sofa or the fabric one. It won’t matter if you cleaned homes for a living or if you were the president of the United States.

All that will matter is what connections you have and what love you shared.

Keep these words as the frame of the glasses that you are wearing in life and you will increase the levels of satisfaction and happiness you feel exponentially.

I am committed to staying more connected to my sister regularly and to the other people in my life that I love. How about you?

Make the decision to focus on the love and it will be the best decision you have ever made.

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