The Work Ethic Value

33ae51bWhenever I ask parents what values they want to teach their children, it always brings up a lot for them.

It is an excellent example of the concept of conscious parenting; making deliberate and conscious decisions proactively about what you want to teach your children through your parenting.

Often times what we want to teach our children are things that were never taught to us.

Our emotional life baggage comes with us in our parenting journey and that can be positive and yet create challenges all at the same time.

Work ethic is an interesting value to consider. What exactly is a work ethic? It is a belief in the importance of work and the quality of work. It is doing what you say you are going to do. It is giving 100% of yourself at all times. It is about caring about the quality of ones own performance. It is a very multi layered and complex concept.

Running a parent cooperative preschool allows me to see the work ethic of many, many families. The parents are the staff of the preschool. Their dedication and commitment to the school create the foundation of the school. Individual perceptions of work ethic are very different in each family. What is that perception for your family?

How do we teach and develop a work ethic to our children? Modeling is the most important way our children learn. They learn by what you do. They learn from what they see. How you conduct yourself lays the groundwork for how they conduct themselves in their life.

Family meetings, deep conversations, shared time together and a core understanding of the true mission of the family are other key factors in terms of developing this important value.

Take a moment and think about this issue. If you want to teach and develop this value in your family, make it a priority. It will increase your children’s ability to maximize their potential throughout life.

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