Beware Of The Fearful Child And Halloween

Trick-or-TreatHalloween is such a fun holiday and every year it seems to get bigger in terms of decorations and costumes.

For some children though, Halloween is a scary time of year. Even going to the supermarket can be scary with displays that make haunting, howling sounds.

When my oldest son was young, he was terrified of Halloween. It used to make me angry that people were so oblivious to the emotional impact that they could make on him and others.

My adult neighbor hid in the bushes one year and just as we were ready to start trick or treating, he jumped out and screamed.

My son was so scared, he began shaking uncontrollably and refused to participate in the activities of the night. It made me so sad that an adult could think that this was fun. My son was truly traumatized.

My son is now 25 and this story still comes up.

Understand that fear is real, no matter how insignificant the fear may seem to you. It is so important to respect that fear but yet not reinforce it.

It is a fine line. It is one that involves awareness and sensitivity. Be aware of the link between fear and this particular holiday and you will be supporting more people than you think.

Learning to be aware of the temperaments and needs of the people that surround you will take you very far in life. Interfacing with other people and the skills that we have associated with that is the foundation of the human experience.

Once we really understand the magnitude of that concept, we can take our relationships to a level that is deeper than we ever thought possible.

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