Our Local Treasures

viewer (1)I took my classes on a field trip to Earthbound Farms in Carmel Valley this week. It is such an amazing place and we might take for granted that it is in our back yard.

Earthbound Farms is a huge company but it started right here. I was very lucky to meet Drew and Myra, the owners of the company when my son Spencer went to preschool with their daughter Marea.

They are about as down to earth as you can get and deserve all of their success.

On our field trip, farmer Janna Jo gave a presentation to each class and then walked them around the fields. It was stunning, gorgeous and the smells were truly intoxicating.

The rosemary and lemon verbino were my favorite herbs to smell. Afterwards, the children all sat around big, beautiful wood tables and ate snacks provided by Earthbound Farms. It was a pack of organic carrots and a box of organic raisins. Both of them tasted like the sweetest, most delicious food on earth.

In addition to this, each child was given a coloring book, a recipe book and a packet of seeds. Wow, we are truly so lucky to live in this gorgeous place and to visit these wonderful places.

There was no cost to the families for any of this and I appreciate that more than I can say. Thank you Earthbound Farms for this incredible community service.

We are also blessed with the Aquarium, Lover’s Point, Carmel Valley, Big Sur and of course so much more.

What are the treasures of your local area? Do you take a moment to reflect on your ability to enjoy that treasure? This type of reflection is a learning tool when shared with your children. It models gratitude and so much more.

Teach through modeling and talk about the treasures that surround your family. Allow your child to understand appreciation through your eyes.

Helping your child to develop a world view with this perspective in mind will teach him or her on so many more levels. It’s another act of conscious parenting.

Teach your child during regular everyday life, like on a day he or she goes to Earthbound Farms on a field trip and you will find that your child absorbs that learning for life. It becomes a part of their story and a part of who they become in this world.

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