Your Teen and Their Relationship With Their Electronics

electronicsChildren of today have a completely different life than many parents had when they grew up. The internet has truly changed the world.

Overexposure at a young age can really lead to many secondary problems.
Phones, email, facebook, twitter etc all need to be structured and monitored by a parent. Depending on many different factors (i.e. temperament, behavioral history etc) a parent needs to determine the level of control that is appropriate for their child.

Teens often do not realize the magnitude of consequences they can face by their postings on social media. These things are there forever even if they think they have deleted it. Future employment can truly be affected.

Never lose sight of the fact that phones and electronic devices are privileges, not rights. Do not be afraid to set limits. Always do what you say you are going to do.

Remember the importance of human relationships. Many teens lose touch with real relationships because they are only engaging electronically. Sometimes they need your help to find that balance.

The issue of electronics is another great example of how effective communication creates successful relationships. Have these discussions with your child and specifically discuss the consequences of misuse. Make sure your child knows the boundaries.

As your children grow up, this issue of electronic usage will only grow bigger and bigger. Talk about it with your child. Create the structure and then allow your child to learn how to function within that structure.

If you do that, your child will have a better chance of being able to self monitor themselves effectively in all areas of their life.

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