Err On The Side Of Safety

sickThe cold and flu season will soon be upon us. It is such a tough time of year when viruses spread like wild fire.

In a preschool environment, it can take people down like dominoes. I have definitely learned that there are a few things everyone can do that really make a difference.

When you see the first signs of illness in yourself or your child, stop and address it immediately. It is amazing what a good day of rest and hydration can do when you feel like you might be going down.

If you do become sick, stop. Believe me, I certainly understand the pressures of life and the racing thoughts of, “I just can’t get sick”. But sometimes it really is inevitable. Surrender and you will heal is a saying I have always liked.

If your child misses school because of illness, I always suggest to parents that even when you think they are ready to ready to return to school, take one more day. It makes all the difference in the world. I have seen it play out time and time again. The parents that use this thought process always come to me and privately rant about how happy they are they do that and how frustrated they are that some parents do not.

Wash hands, not obsessively but a couple of times during the day. It is another small thing that can bring the illness rate down in your family tremendously.

Teach your child how to cover their mouth correctly and practice the elbow method yourself. Most parents were raised to cover their mouth with their hand but that has been shown to spread the illness rate, not reduce it.

Be proactive this year in terms of health and safety and you will reap the benefits all year long.

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