Parental Time Out

parental time outAll parents lose their cool at some point in their parenting journey. It is very typical and just all about balance. If you are losing your cool too much, you have to take a step back and address it.

Taking a parental time out can save you from losing your cool. The first step is to be able to recognize your own personal triggers and reactions.

Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, something happens and we just snap! We say things we don’t want to say and even do things we don’t really want to do.

Then we feel remorse. Sometimes we even try to overcompensate for our parenting faux pas by indulging our child. The cycle is not good for the parent or the child.

Take a moment when you are calm and think about how you react in these emotionally charged moments. Think of your physical reaction.

I know for me I used to feel heat rushing up my body and I would even break out into a sweat.

When those things stated happening to me, I stopped myself and went into the bathroom for a moment. I just needed to breathe and organize my thoughts. I needed to bring my energy down a notch so I wasn’t operating from a a place of anger.

When I came out, I could go to my children and calmly deal with the conflict. It could always be resolved more effectively when I took a much needed parental time out before I engaged in the conflict resolution process.

Know your triggers and pro-act instead of reacting. It is another example of conscious parenting, a parenting philosophy that promotes forethought and an increased awareness of setting children up for success.

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