August 2014

Family Traditions

Having family traditions creates increased closeness within families. When children grow up, it is usually the regular traditions that they remember fondly. The traditions do not have to be fancy […]

Partnership Challenges

I meet with families regularly for one on one sessions and I must report that parenting is incredibly hard on partnership relationships. It is something all parents know but often […]

Changing The Tape

We all have a voice inside of us that we are constantly engaged with. Sometimes though, the voice starts replaying things over and over again. Spinning is the term I […]

Understanding Teen Moodiness

Mood swings are definitely common in the teen set and are due to many factors. Knowing when your child needs help though is key. Here are some signs that your […]

Limits With Your Teen

Parenting teens is so challenging and if you do not already have a consistent limit setting structure defined within your family, it is really important to start working on this […]

The Teen Brain

This week I will focus my posts on the teen age set. This is a very unique and key developmental time period in one’s life. The teen brain is not […]