Self Care for Parents

Taking care of children can be so rewarding but it can also be exhausting and draining. It is truly a 24/7 job that at times can make even the strongest people feel broken. The irony of it all though is parents often feel so guilty taking care of themselves.

A parent cannot take care of a child on every level if they ignore their own needs. The guilt the parent feels is actually the biggest barrier to effective parenting. Let go of it! I call it changing the tape in your head. When you start thinking those guilt related thoughts, visualize pushing the rewind button. Say it again in your mind but with a positive twist. Instead of, “I am the worst parent in the world for being at the gym when I should be home with the kids.”, change it to,”I am going to channel my energy right now into empowering me to the best parent I can be when I get home.” Taking a break often recharges a parent so that they are able to be more present with their child. Be good to yourself in your parenting journey and I promise you that the rewards will be even sweeter!

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