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My name is Kim Biggio and I am thrilled to launch my blog! As a credentialed parent educator, I look forward to sharing my thoughts, my insights and my hot tips on parenting!

My journey into teaching parent education began 25 years ago when I had my first son. As he got older, I struggled to set limits with him. I didn’t want him to cry or be sad but his behavior was out of control! In order to cope and process, I started to gather information about parenting strategies and developmental stages.

Around three years later, my second son was born and the intensity of my everyday life escalated exponentially. Also around this time, my oldest son was diagnosed with auditory processing disorder. All of a sudden, I was parenting two children, one with special needs. In addition to these added difficulties, financial issues within my family forced me to re-enter the workplace.

I started to substitute teach and ended up subbing at Parents’ Place, a parent education program for parents and their children from birth to age 3. Eventually, I was hired as a permanent teacher. Parents’ Place later promoted me to the position of Assistant Coordinator of the program, a job which required writing literally hundreds of parent education curriculum documents.

In 2008, I was chosen to open a new parent cooperative preschool, Lighthouse Preschool. I still instruct in parent education but now I also teach a two tiered curriculum – one for parents and one for children. My job is to run the preschool but, more importantly, my job necessitates teaching parents how to work with children while understanding their developmental ages and stages. Since my own children are older, working with the families at the preschool allows me to “walk the walk” by putting my philosophies into practice. Since Lighthouse Preschool’s opening, I have developed even more effective tools to manage behavior and teach children the foundation for learning.

In addition to the preschool, I started teaching classes, to adults only, through a local children’s museum. I thoroughly enjoyed getting back to teaching adult only crowds again! I have fine tuned and tweaked this class so that parents can attend for 6 weeks and not only understand the core concepts of positive discipline but actually use the tools effectively.

On top of all of this, I also offer private parent education consultations. Talking one-on-one with parents, specifically about their children and unique issues, is incredibly rewarding.

My work as a parent educator fulfills my passion for teaching and parenting, while allowing the development of relationships with literally hundreds of people and their children. This blog is a way for me to give back. I remember what it was like to have my son and feel like I didn’t know what to do. Now, 25 years later, I can help. I hope this blog offers real life solutions for real life situations. Welcome!

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  1. Hey Kim… Super excited about your new blog. This will be an excellent refresher to your amazing class we enrolled in My Museum..

    Will wait to see more posts.


  2. Congratulations! Very excited for you 🙂 Do you have a Facebook link to you blog so your blog is automically included in FB feed once it is liked?


    1. Thank you so much Nicole!! That’s great feedback and I am working on making that happen!


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