June 2014

The Beginning of the Moral Compass

It is strange to watch your children grow into adults. Your relationship with them changes and evolves and it becomes on a whole new level. When they are functioning independently, […]

The Pitfalls of Comparisons

  It is human nature to compare. When it comes to parenting though, it is so important to parent each child as a unique being. I always tell parents that […]

Transitioning or changing from one position, state or stage to another is difficult for many adults and children. Innate temperament plays a big role in how people handle transitions in […]

Sharing From Within

  Teaching a child to share is always such a challenge for parents. The important thing for parents to remember is that developmental readiness is key. Sometimes, with the best […]

When talking to parents about their children’s daily schedule, I am always shocked by the amount of classes and activities that they have planned for their child. This is one […]

When I talk to parents about looking behind their child’s behavior, I always use tantrums as an example. There are so many reasons why children throw tantrums and when parents […]

Have you ever really thought about the values that you want to teach your child? Have you and your partner ever had a discussion about this important family concept? Creating […]

There are certain behaviors that are very appropriate for each developmental stage and when parents fully understand these stages, it allows them to parent more effectively. You might be wondering […]