Y2K plus 15

Wow 2015? Could this be true?? Time is flying at warp speed. Remember all the hype for Y2K? The computers were going to crash and all sorts of strange happenings […]

Age Is Just A Number

People age is very unique ways. It is fascinating to me that two people at the same chronological age can be in such different places in life. I even see […]

The Importance Of Acknowledgement

The holidays are winding down and things are slowly returning to the normal routine. There are a lot of new presents for adults and children alike. The task of acknowledging […]

Routine Dysregulation

It is the day after Christmas and there is a lot to do. Usually the house is a disaster and things need to slowly put back in order. As fun […]

Focus On The Love

It is the day before Christmas and people are running around trying to get everything done. I remember when my kids were small, I wanted everything to be just perfect. […]

Deflecting A Negative Energy Field

It is common to be affected by the moods of the people surrounding you, especially ones significant others. How much we are affected though varies greatly from person to person. […]

Alone Versus Loneliness

There is a big difference between being alone and feeling lonely. Sometimes a person can be in a huge crowd of people but yet feel incredibly lonely. A person can […]

Anytime Resolutions

The new year always seems like the best time to start fresh. New Year’s resolutions could change your life. Deciding to make a change can come at any time though. […]

Creating An Effective Study Space

The demands on children are very high these days. Schoolwork is at a different level and the quantity of homework has increased tremendously. Learning good study skills are so important. […]

The Balance Of Control

When children are born, parents have 100% control over every aspect of their child’s life. That sense of responsibility can be overwhelming for many parents. Sometimes, as the child grows […]